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Service Dog for Reesa

Fundraiser for a Service Dog

This fundraiser is to help me get a service dog. Recently, OCD gave me the gift of getting worse.  Suddenly, I was bed bound due to panic attacks and dissociation.  Either I’m catatonic and I cannot move for hours, or I will wander off without processing what I’m doing, leading to potentially unsafe situations.  Generalized Anxiety disorder further increases my anxiety felt everyday from OCD and otherwise, until sometimes I throw up.  It has severely impacted every aspect of my life- I can barely go to school or do homework, I cannot go to the store by myself, I forget to eat or take meds.  In addition, I have had a recent diagnoses of both Asperger’s and CPTSD. If you haven’t heard of CPTSD, it stands for Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Basically, I have been exposed to traumatic events, repeatedly, for most of my life.  Asperger’s explains why it seems like I can’t fit in, find friends easily, or understand social cues.  I have to live with the fact that I am disabled at the age of 20. My OCD has not responded to medications, and it has been recommended that I get a service dog.  The service dog will alert me before I have a panic attack and provide deep pressure therapy for me.  It will interrupt dissociative and compulsive behavior so I don’t continue it for hours on end.  It can help remind me to take medications and act as a buffer so I can finally leave my house without the crippling anxiety.  This could be the thing that saves my life, helps me continue to live, and accept my disability. Service dogs are very expensive to buy or to train yourself.  In this case it was approximated that it will cost $20,000 to train one myself, to get a puppy fully trained, or to get a fully trained animal. I do need these funds as soon as possible, and as a single women, I don’t have access to these funds, but I do need them to save my life, to help me continue with my life, and to thrive in spite of my disability.  Here is a  link to a website with loads of information about service dogs. Thank you for your support.  
Cookie dough for fundraising

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Eileen's fundraising dough is offered in 7 flavors. Dough is sold in 3-pound tubs. We'll store them for you so you can pick up just what you need at your convenience.

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A great cookie just gets better with Eileen's Original Frosting! Available in 1-pound tubs and you can choose any of our colors of frostings.

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