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Do you need to raise money for your organization? Eileen’s Colossal Cookies can help. Fundraising just got easier!

Many organizations are having tremendous success selling a well recognized product with a solid reputation for quality. Our fundraising program offers great profit for your group.

Eileen’s will work with you to plan the best time for your fundraiser and answer any questions you might have. We provide you with a custom URL (website address) that can be promoted by members of your group. Share a link to your fundraiser on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Sales are tracked in real-time on our website and your customers can pick up all or part of their purchase at either of our Lincoln NE locations. Customers can order as much as they like and we’ll always have fresh dough on hand when they need to pick up a few tubs.

Sales reports are available 24/7 to the Fundraiser administrator. Payments for fundraisers are made each month a campaign is active.

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